Receive the magic of a second-hand bookstore delivered right to your doorstep each month.

Books and Charms is a uniquely curated box of second-hand books and other bookish gifts, tailored to your favourite genres. As you open your first box, relish in the nostalgic smell and experience the magic of walking into a second-hand book store, or delving into an old box of books, and not knowing what you will find. You will discover both new and old favourite authors, and some wonderful gifts to go alongside your new reading experience.

At Books and Charms, we appreciate all the rituals and routines of the daily reader. Reading is a time to unwind and relax. It is also a form of escapism from your daily lives. In every box, we include some bookish gifts for you to enjoy alongside your 2 books. We will always include a beverage or a snack to tuck into and 2-3 other gifts that any reader will love. All our gifts are sourced from small businesses, predominately based in Ireland.

Our subscription box is the perfect gift for any book lover in your life, young or old. We are unlike any other subscription box. We want to give our subscribers a reading experience like no other. You can sense how loved a book has been from it’s worn pages, bent corners and that used book scent. We want you to feel that sense of nostalgia and warmth each month as you open your box and get stuck into your next book.

You can choose your favourite genres, so you will be sure to receive books you love each month. So why not subscribe today and experience the magic for yourself – or give as a gift to the book lover in your life!

I hope you enjoy your Books and Charms box as much as I enjoyed creating.

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